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Steps To Troubleshoot Arlo Base Station Offline Issue
Steps To Troubleshoot Arlo Base Station Offline Issue
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Handling technical dilemmas is too much of a problem-solving task that your brain needs to focus on. But in the end, there is always an explanation for the situation conquered.



And this time here it is the issue with Arlo base station being offline. The whole point of the Arlo device being effective is only when it is connected to the Internet. Missing that view of the live video stream and securing your home is inappropriate.





If you are a user of Arlo, then you must have come across this issue or might have not yet. Let's discuss how the issues of Arlo base station going offline can be resolved.

Before hopping on to the topic of discussion, let's know what does it mean when .



What do you mean by Arlo base station is offline?

It is straight to the point that if the green LED light on your base station is not visible and it shows up with the blinking of amber LED light? Then your Arlo device is not connected to the internet and that's what offline issue means.





How do you think the Arlo base offline issue arises?

This issue may always not be a technical one. Probably would have occurred due to various reasons. Let's check upon that before troubleshooting.

• Updating firmware

If you haven't updated the firmware then it is not possible to connect to the base station. So well keep in track of these updates

• Internet connection

There might be a reason that your internet is slow.





It is quite familiar to know that fast connection can bring up easy access while the slow connection leads to very slow processing.

• Base station configuration

Follow the instructions for configuring your base station. If not done accordingly, it is normal to confront this error.



Now the focus is on troubleshooting the issue if these basic specifications are not actually causing the trouble. Let's see how to do it.

In general, you need to follow a few steps which would include common issues as well to get rid of it easily.





1. Ethernet cable connection:

Ensure to see if the Ethernet cable connected to the base station and the router is properly fitted. If the green light appears to blink then, 가슴뽕 you are ready to use it.

2. Power cycling:

Unplug the power adapter on the back of your base station from the power source.



Leave it for 10 mins and replug it again. Your base station starts to blink with a green color LED. That's what usually happens. If it didn't turn up green light then check for the next troubleshooting.

3. Check for the specific ports:

Ports like 443 and 80 are the required ones to bypass the proxy servers as sometimes the router can't connect to the proxy servers.





Make sure to keep them open.

4. Base station reset:

Hold and press for 10 seconds on the reset button of your base station which is located at the back. Wait for it whirl into green LED light once it stops blinking with an amber light.



Which means it is reset to the default settings where your account is signed out. Begin again setting your account by the instructions on the screen of your smartphone.

5. Arlo support team:

If nothing worked at the end of the troubleshooting then feel free to connect to the support team who would look into the technical issues and get back to you with the perfect solution. As it is a common issue for them to deal with their expertise on the subject.









































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